Woods 0345 Phone Wire, Direct Burial, 24/4, 500-Foot

Woods 345 Phone Wire, Direct Burial, 24/4, 500-Feet. 500-Feet spool of wire. PHONE STATION, AWG size: 24/4. Industry approvals: ul444, nec article 725 type cm. Soft annealed solid copper per astm b3-90. For in-wall installations, single line telephone systems, and intercoms. 24/4 500PHONE STATION GY . The Woods brand is a registered trademark of Coleman Cable Inc.

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Telephone Triage for Obstetrics and Gynecology

This easy-to-use manual provides telephone triage protocols to nurses involved with obstetrics and gynecology. It offers suggestions for asking appropriate questions in a flowchart format to ascertain the assessment and severity of the problem and need for medical intervention.

This guide serves as a decision-making tool for the nurse to easily identify and prioritize who needs immediate medical attention, who needs to be seen within twenty-four hours, and who can be monitored at home. Includes topics that cover basics, protocols, symptoms and issues that occur within the scope of this specialty. The forms in the guide may be duplicated and used as patient handouts.

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