The iOS has been successfully ported to Nokia N900, perhaps we see iOS runs on more gear than Apple?

The developer, Winocm managed to get the Kernel TREE, "the basis of OS X and iOS, successfully works in the 2009 of the Nokia N900.

Do you remember the N900 the right? It was a Nokia Maemo OS running device, which made a splash with a fully functional Web browser, flash support and smooth multitasking. It was really a very small tablet that also happened to make phone calls.

In the case of Winocm the basic element of the port operating system Apple does not include any user interface functions, and it does not start as a functional operating system. In fact, a developer who has gone through all the hard work to make the launch of the N900 has a kernel does not plan to work on any UI support, kernel only, "in the end, that's what is really important right?"

This is not to say that Apple is going to start licensing OS to other manufacturers, but it is a proof of concept. In addition to the N900 Winocm outlined other hardware capable of booting the system.

That the future for it is unknown. Work with open source and if this kind of thing is your cup of tea, check out the source link below to get in on the action.

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