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Cell Phone VoIP

As more and more people opt to use a cell phone as a substitute for landline service, the need to make international calls becomes an issue.  Making an international call or phone international from our cell phone can be shockingly expensive, hopefully we did not find out the hard way just how much it can cost.

The solution to this problem has always been to dial around our mobile service provider using a calling card or other pre-paid service, the same as we could do from a landline phone international.  The drawback to doing it this way is the cumbersome dialing required to complete a call.

First we have to dial the access number, then a PIN, then the international number you want to call.  While all this can usually be programmed into our address book against each international number we want to call, there are better ways to do it.

Industry sources said that over eighty percent of the new cell phones on the market today are smartphones, such as the Blackberry and iPhone.  This means they actually have some amount of computing ability and can run programs for various applications.  Software has been developed to automate the dialing required to bypass our mobile service provider for international calls making it as simple as placing any other call.

Not all carriers which provide this service are created equal.  Some will have better rates between two given countries than others. And some may not even provide service to the country we want to call.

The option to use an international calling card for phone international is always available.  Another consideration is whether they route calls over the traditional voice network or over the internet using VoIP. 

We may want to test more than one to determine the quality vs. cost of the calls.  With nearly all services we will need to at least do a small pre-pay in order to make calls but the money is well spent, when we are only paying pennies per minute instead of dollars, it goes a lot further.

If we want to have how cheap international cell phone calls can be for phone international, just go to  and click on Long Distance Plans then International Rates. Once we get an idea of the range of prices between the countries we want to call, go to the Cell Phone International Calling Guide to find a review of international calling plans for smartphones, and have a nice call.