The Telephone Booth Indian (Library of Larceny)

A classic work on Broadway sharpers, grifters, and con men by the late, great New Yorker journalist A. J. Liebling.

Often referred to as “Liebling lowlife pieces,” the essays in The Telephone Booth Indian boisterously celebrate raffishness. A. J. Liebling appreciated a good scam and knew how to cultivate the scammers. Telephone Booth Indians (entrepreneurs so impecunious that they conduct business from telephone booths in the lobbies of New York City office buildings) and a host of other petty nomads of Broadway—with names like Marty the Clutch and Count de Pennies—are the protagonists in this incomparable Liebling work. In The Telephone Booth Indian, Liebling proves just why he was the go-to man on New York lowlife and con culture; this is the master at the top of his form, uncovering scam after scam and writing about them with the wit and charisma that established him as one of the greatest journalists of his generation and one of New York’s finest cultural chroniclers.

Price: $19.00

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The Telephone Book: Technology, Schizophrenia, Electric Speech

The telephone marks the place of an absence. Affiliated with discontinuity, alarm, and silence, it raises fundamental questions about the constitution of self and other, the stability of location, systems of transfer, and the destination of speech. Profoundly changing our concept of long-distance, it is constantly transmitting effects of real and evocative power. To the extent that it always relates us to the absent other, the telephone, and the massive switchboard attending it, plugs into a hermeneutics of mourning.


The Telephone Book, itself organized by a "telephonic logic," fields calls from philosophy, history, literature, and psychoanalysis. It installs a switchboard that hooks up diverse types of knowledge while rerouting and jamming the codes of the disciplines in daring ways. Avital Ronell has done nothing less than consider the impact of the telephone on modern thought. Her highly original, multifaceted inquiry into the nature of communication in a technological age will excite everyone who listens in.

The book begins by calling close attention to the importance of the telephone in Nazi organization and propaganda, with special regard to the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. In the Third Reich the telephone became a weapon, a means of state surveillance, "an open accomplice to lies." Heidegger, in Being and Time and elsewhere, elaborates on the significance of "the call." In a tour de force response, Ronell mobilizes the history and terminology of the telephone to explicate his difficult philosophy.

Ronell also speaks of the appearance of the telephone in the literary works of Duras, Joyce, Kafka, Rilke, and Strindberg. She examines its role in psychoanalysis—Freud said that the unconscious is structured like a telephone, and Jung and R. D. Laing saw it as a powerful new body part. She traces its historical development from Bell's famous first call: "Watson, come here!" Thomas A. Watson, his assistant, who used to communicate with spirits, was eager to get the telephone to talk, and thus to link technology with phantoms and phantasms.

In many ways a meditation on the technologically constituted state, The Telephone Book opens a new field, becoming the first political deconstruction of technology, state terrorism, and schizophrenia. And it offers a fresh reading of the American and European addiction to technology in which the telephone emerges as the crucial figure of this age.

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The Telephone

Gian Carlo Menotti's The Telephone, or l'Amour a Trois,
contains 10 tracks:

1. The Telephone (25:10)
2. Ricercare and Toccata on a theme from (04:41)
3. "The Old Maid and the Thief" (04:02)
4. Canti della lontananza (02:10)
5. Canti della lontananza (02:30)
6. Canti della lontananza (00:51)
7. Canti della lontananza (02:26)
8. Canti della lontananza (01:05)
9. Canti della lontananza (02:58)
10. Canti della lontananza (03:00)


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PoE Technologies Release Extreme PoE Extender

PoE Technologies announces the release of  a new product,  The XLE-PoE Extender. The XLE-PoE is an indoor Power-over-Ethernet extender allowing up to 60 watts of power to be extend. The XLE-PoE-includes a 60watt PoE Injector.

The XLE-PoE is extremely small, measuring only L 2.70 (68mm) W 1.65(42mm) H .90(23mm) inches. The XLE-PoE is considered the world’s smallest PoE Extender.

The XLE-PoE can power any Network PD (Powered Device) including 802.3af and 802.3at compliant devices.

“Having the ability to extend Ethernet, with 60 watts of power, plus being extremely small the XLE-PoE gives our Dealers the ability to put together a high power solution. With the ever increasing power demands of network devices using PoE, such as Wireless Access Points and PTZ IP Cameras, the XLE-PoE solves any Ethernet and Power problems. We also are the only PoE Extender on the market that includes a 60 watt PoE Injector in its base model.
With the numerous PoE extenders on the market, we also made the XLE-PoE extreme competitive in price.” says James H Riggs, President of PoE Technologies

About PoE Technologies Company:

PoE Technologies is a manufacture of Ethernet and Power products that increase solutions while reducing cost for Integrators. PoE Technologies focus on the ability to bring high performance across wired networks, while providing solutions to Ethernet networks not normally accessible with previous technologies.

For more information contact

PoE Technologies Public Relations

(941) 296.7093 office

(360) 925-2288 fax

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Tool Repair Kit Precision Screw Driver Set Torx + Flat Head + Safe Plying Prying Pry Tool for Motorola Verizon Sprint ATT Cingular Razor and More

Magnetized tips precision torx screw driver. Sizes : T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T10, also included tweeter tools set and extra flat head and cross hair screw driver, all magnetized tips. Durable with precision cut sizes to ensure you can get the job right like a professional. Support end (blue color ends) give you the ability to turn the screw driver and holding it still, and magnetized tips to hold the screws to avoid dropping the tiny parts. Use this kit to repair cell phones, laptops, glasses or other precisions works. Item 8 : Safe plastic plying tool, reliable so you can easily plying something not damaging or make marks Item 9 : Flat head precision screw driver. Compatible: Use this tool kit to repair / installation your cell phone such Motorola phones, Lg phones, Samsung phones, Treo Palm, Blackberry, Htc, Audiovox Pda Smartphone and more.


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Side-By-Side reviews names Top 10 "best VoIP phone" company for 2013

Side-By-Side Reviews, a company that ranks the top 10 products, companies and services headquartered in Chesapeake, the winners of the "best VoIP phone" companies for 2013. Side-By-Side reviews uses its own opinions, user reviews, BBB ratings, and signals from social media, Linkedin and Twitter to rank by the companies with the best VoIP phones and Top VoIP phone system.

A business VoIP phone system provides for calls between VoIP users completely free, eliminate international cost, and it even helps companies with multiple locations to avoid expensive costs for long distance calls and Conference calls.

Side-By-Side reviews has ten of the Top VoIP phone companies, although only the Top five winners are listed below.

Cisco-founded in 1984
ShoreTel-founded in 2001
8 x 8, Inc.-established in 1987
Vocalcity-founded in 2006
RingCentral-founded in 1969

Detailed company information about the top ten best VoIP phone companies you will find on The platform can also user feedback on this and any other VoIP providers offer by comments at the bottom of that page.

In addition to the best VoIP phone companies ranking you can also use the site for many other reviews or post your own ranking, unbiased reviews, share tips for buy and even competitive price quotes requests. Many site visitors share their own personal experiences on multiple companies, products and services. For other recent reviews you can also view the top answering service company, view the best search engine optimization company, top HR Outsourcing companies and more.

Contact person: Mike Cynar

About Side By Side Reviews: founded by an experienced lead generation and SEO expert, Side-By-Side Reviews ( gives her opinions on multiple products and companies and ranks the Top 10 companies accordingly. It also accepts comments and reviews by visitors to its website, buy shares tips and lets users free quotes from multiple vendors coming on business will compete with their best prices offers.

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Universal PC/Stereo Gaming Headset - Yapster TM-YB100A – Black

Don't be Cry Babies and Don't Spend Big Bucks for Awesome Headphones! Now you don’t need to spend a fortune for a high quality, multiple-use stereo headsets. If quality sound reproduction, super comfortable fit and listening/chatting versatility is what you're looking for without all the HYPE!!! Then these babies are the perfect headset for you. Yapster Universal Headphones were designed for a large audience of users ranging from everyday online computer uses such as PC gaming or internet chat, VOIP – using your computer to make telephone calls... or simply high quality stereo music listen on your MP3 player or from any sound source with a universally standard 3.5mm mini jack.

Price: $31.25

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siptel helps raise money for Woking charities at Hoe Bridge School’s Summer Ball

Siptel, a leading independent new generation IT, voice and data solutions provider, has sponsored the annual charity ball and silent auction held at Hoe Bridge School, in Woking.  The summer ball, held on 6th July 2013, was an extravaganza open to all staff and parents, past and present, and took place in a marquee in the school grounds.

The two chosen charities were “LinkAble” (formerly Link Leisure) and “Plan”, both Woking-based charities. LinkAble provides sports, social and recreational activities for children and adults with a broad range of learning disabilities, ranging from mild developmental delay to profound or more complex needs such as cerebral palsy and severe autism. The charity was founded in 1989 by a former social worker who, witnessing the isolation suffered by both these individuals and their families, recognised the need to provide them with access to some form of social life.  The charity’s work is more than just simply a provision of activities: it offers members the opportunity to develop their confidence and social skills and to form friendships.

Plan is a global children’s charity, working with the world’s poorest children so they can move themselves from a life of poverty to a future with opportunity.   Plan's activities are guided by the principals of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and other internationally-recognised human rights treaties. Their community-led, child-centred approach means that their work is tailored to local needs.  The majority of Plan’s income is from child sponsorship but as in this case, they also receive donations and grants.   At least 80p in every pound donated is spent on supporting and delivering their development work.

siptel not only provided sponsorship for the ball, they also donated an Apple iPhone5 to the auction. Dominic Lowry of Hoe Bridge School, commented on the event:

“The ball was a great success and we raised just over £19,000 for the two charities, which was fantastic.  The auction was run very well and we are delighted that siptel were able to sponsor this event, helping to raise funds for two very worthwhile charities.”

Steve Rasmussen, Director at siptel, added:

“By supporting such worthy charities as LinkAble and Plan, as well as Hoe Bridge School, it is nice for siptel to feel that we are giving valuable input into the local community.”

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Telephone Free Landslide victory

2012 collection from the late Pop/Novelty songstress best-known for her saucy 1977 pop smash 'Telephone Man'. Featuring songs that span her career (from her '77 debut album First Take, up through the '00s, This compilation features her big hit in two different versions: the hit single version from '77 as well as the lyrically updated 'Internet Man' from 1999. Also includes 'Santa's Coming', 'Dick The DJ', 'The Phone Book' and many more.

Price: $12.98

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Telephone Triage: Protocols for Adult Populations

The Most Comprehensive and User-Friendly Adult Telephone Triage Protocols Available - From a Pioneer in the Field

Written by Sheila Wheeler, one of the world's leading experts in telephone triage, this functional reference provides the guidelines nurses need for the safe, effective, and fast disposition of 1,000+ health related problems by telephone.

Organized by anatomical site and written in lay language, Telephone Triage eliminates the extra step of translating home treatment, first aid, or self-assessment instructions when performing telephone triage with the layperson. The format incorporates a critical-thinking process that mimics how nurses naturally solve problems in real-world situations.

This "6 in 1" package contains everything you need to implement a telephone triage program: protocols, form, Users Guide, standards and a CD with case studies for analysis and critique. Buyers can earn CE Units as well through TeleTriage Systems website.

  • Continuing Education -Earn CE credit online

  • Users Guide - complete with insightful FAQs

  • Protocols - wide-range of common diseases including Women's Health

  • Documentation Form - ensures proper procedure, documentation, and risk management

  • Standards - Comprehensive practice standards for practitioners and programs

  • CD-ROM - contains 10 case studies for discussion and analysis
Representing the latest research and standards in the field, Telephone Triage is the ultimate resource for the telephone triage or face-to face triage nurse.

Price: $70.00

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Telephone Sales For Dummies

Nearly 100 million Americans (one out of three) purchase goods and services over the phone each year. Telephone Sales For Dummies shows both new and seasoned sales reps, from realtors, insurance agents to telemarketers, how to create pre-call plans and effectively prospect via the phone. Packed with techniques, scripts, and dialogues, this hands-on, interactive guide assists readers with making cold calls, warm calls, and referral calls, helping them plan and execute openings to create interesting dialogue; ask key questions; develop persuasive presentation techniques; work within the No Call Law parameters; leave effective and enticing voicemails that get results; get past screeners and get quality referrals; find hot leads; and create callback scripts that close the sale.

Price: $19.99

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Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses

Performing telephone triage requires the ability to make quick and effective decisions based on limited information.This rapid-access resource delivers over 200 triage protocols for evaluating patients' symptoms over the telephone. Each symptom entry lists questions, grouped by urgency level, to determine whether the caller should seek emergency care immediately, seek medical care the same day, call back for appointment, or follow home care instructions. Detailed home care instructions are then provided. Simple, direct, and useful, this is the most comprehensive and user-friendly telephone triage book available.

This new edition features several new protocols—swine flu (H1N1 virus), bedbug problems, tattoo problems, and emergency contraception—as well as new information in the introductory chapter about program development, management issues, and staff development, including training. Other features include a new reminder about documentation in each protocol, a new anatomic Table of Contents, and expanded home care instructions.

Price: $68.99

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Speed flow and Nobel invite to attend Odessa Calling

Speed flow Communications Ltd and Nobel Telecom invite to attend Odessa call that takes place on the 16th and the 17th of August in Odessa, Ukraine. Odessa calling is a new event for C-level executives telecom around the world. It combines networks together and a range of social events. VoIP carriers, service providers, mobile network operators, telecom vendors, data centers, Colocation providers are expected to live in Odessa.

"We are pleased to host Odessa call our partners from Nobel. We have our troops to create an event that seamlessly industry together and combine social entrainment in one place and time would be jointed. We call that of Odessa is the right place for telecom professionals who value of business and personal relationships. See you in sunny Odessa! "says Vlad Ellis, CEO, Speed flow.

Michael Knobel, Nobel Chief carrier Officer of Telecom, comments: "Nobel is a proud founding member and sponsor of the Odessa Calling Show-an exciting new large format that will revolutionize the industry by combining a high-pace daily trading forum along with a unique social experience every night, held in one of the most exciting cities in the world!"

Odessa calling organizers offer several cost effective sponsorship and branding opportunities. Online and onsite options are available for event participants. All sponsorship packages are perfectly designed for boost name recognition of the company and getting their message to the target group authority.

With convenient online meeting system enables delegates their schedule in advance plans. Assembly system allows participants in profile products and services, networking interests and other useful information to not miss an important business opportunities.

Online registration will be available until August 15, 2013. On site online on the Registry Office at the place is also available for participants Odessa.

For more information about calling Odessa, visit

Nobel is a privately owned telecommunications company located in Bucharest, Romania, that employees nearly 250 people in; Europe, North America and Asia. It is a diversified portfolio includes; Retail, wholesale, online and Call centre services. Revenue last year was about $ 250 million $US Nobel making one of the world largest independent Telco!

Speed flow is a telecommunications service provider and developer of VoIP software products and solutions. Speed flow telecom services include wholesale termination, VoIP retail voice, CLI. Speed flow software solutions are class 4 MediaCore class 5 CallMax, VoIP solution VoIP solution, ERP system AccuCore Voip and pay-n-Get transaction and processing system.

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Simran 1875 Watts International Travel Voltage Converter For 110V USA Products In 220V/240V Countries. Ideal for Hair Dryers, Phone, iPod, Camera Chargers and Shavers Etc. Model SM-1875

Ideal for traveling. You can use it with your hair dryers, iPods, phone chargers, camera battery chargers, Shavers etc. DO NOT USE - with the hair straighteners, laptops, televisions, heating appliances or other household appliances with the motors. This converter comes with 2 round prongs common in most European and Asian countries. An additional plug adapter may be required for certain countries to match the wall electrical outlets.

Price: $19.99

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Sony Ericsson Walkman W518a Unlocked GSM Phone with 3.2MP Camera, GPS and Bluetooth - Black

Make communication simple and easy with the Sony Ericsson Walkman W518A. Featuring a 2.2 inch, 240 x 320 pixels TFT LCD screen, this Sony Ericsson phone displays images with impeccable clarity. With the 3.2 megapixel camera of this cell phone, you can capture amazing memories anywhere and preserve them for a lifetime. This Sony Ericsson phone also features a built in A-GPS receiver, making it simple for you to find your way out in new cities. The Bluetooth 2.0 interface of this cell phone makes connectivity simple and convenient. The Sony Ericsson Walkman W518A features an XHTML browser, making it possible for you to reply to emails while on-the-go.

Price: $0.00

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Strong loan market expected to drive telecom goes into Central and Eastern Europe

Telecom bankers predict that a strong and healthy telecom debt market in all of Central and Eastern Europe in the next 12 months, before opening the TMT Finance CEE Conference is held in Warsaw in September to a dozen telecom transactions could trigger. The new regional event to assess the increase in opportunities in the region as a whole, and takes place on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 25 September 2013

"The current loan market is healthy and generally we expect the debt markets across the region remains very receptive to TMT issuers," said Bruno Padron, Managing Director, Global TMT Group, Crédit Agricole CIB, which is one of the 40 speakers at the Conference will be. "In particular, there are a half dozen to a dozen potential m & A of decent size (a mix of corporate takeovers and Lbos) on our radar now, and while only a few power eventually happen, we does not have the intention to a show stopper for every individual transaction financing."

Pezy offers in addition to other leading regional investment bankers, investors and Cfos on the telecom operator panel session ' Financing TMT-how will access to capital effect strategy? ' that is one of the seven main sessions at the Conference.

Executives of Raiffeisen Bank International, EBRD, Crédit Agricole CIB, Societe Generale, Bank Pekao and EMSA EmiTel, capital will also feature on the TMT Finance Panel. The session will opportunities in capital on the stock markets and the return of both initial and debt financing, private equity, Lbos, supply and alternate financing. Prices, liquidity and valuation trends also fixed.

Other session topics at the Conference include: Telecom Operator Strategies – leads the next wave of growth; Cable strategy Roundtable – Delivering content and to make use of the network; Mergers and acquisitions – how will M A form the market &?; Regulation and growth; Broadband infrastructure and the future of TMT-invest in adjacent markets and technologies.

Other companies that have announced speakers include: Google; Telenor; Vectra; Netia; Telekom Austria; Resource partners; MCI management; Warburg Pincus; Barclays Capital; GSMA Europe; Deutsche Bank; Dentons; EBRD; Arthur D. Little; Neostratus; Akira Partners; Bank Pekao; Analysys Mason; and Rothschild. More speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Switch to the new internet provider

The providers for Internet trying to deliver the best performance for the time the lowest price in order to attract the customers. It can today often get a lot more power that a good deal a few years ago, for the same money, has completed if he changes from the provider. It is a small online formality. The new provider announces the old and takes the lead on a date. Soon, the new router is connected to surf and phone calls. In addition to the download, there are also still the upload. Who would often drive from data, that came with the upload to a high-quality care.

Otherwise, you pay attention to the speed of the download, which you can keep the data from the Internet. However, We should forget that the provider while 50,000 kbit/s offering can if the line but only 16,000 kbit/s does not offer much quickly, then this would bring. Consumers, needs some searching with the lines can so so quick to find a suitable offer to this speed. In addition to these criteria, the costs of the connection and the cost of the router is to be considered. Sometimes, a provider with slightly higher fixed costs per month in fact better.

Selection criteria:

• Connection Fee
• Cost for the router
• In the download and upload Speed
• Costs for wireless and international units
• Watch TV in the package
• Fixed monthly costs
• Number portability for fixed network

Use the entire range of services

Some DSL providers expect only 10 euros extra for digital TV with some HD channels. This is very useful for the proposed entertainment. That looks like TV, which must be a DSL provider that you can offer a package with television via It's just nice to be able to watch on the big TV and not just a small monitor Internet. Because who can see no zubucht TV, which most programs on the Internet if the line fast enough.

The new Internet service providers should allow the old phone number can be further used. The client must have already made everything you need to get from the number with a small form. Sometimes, several numbers are available at the same price, you can still fax or consume multiple ports. If the cost for mobile networks and international calls high turn out, this is no obstacle. Almost always a very cheap dial-up can be used for international calls with it runs along via Internet, then calls to domestic burdens. And a prepaid mobile phone with affordable units must be used only for mobile calls

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The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell's Secret

A gripping intrigue at the heart of one of the world’s most important inventions.

While researching Alexander Graham Bell at MIT’s Dibner Institute, Seth Shulman scrutinized Bell’s journals and within them he found the smoking gun, a hint of deeply buried historical intrigue. Delving further, Shulman unearthed the surprising story behind the invention of the telephone: a tale of romance, corruption, and unchecked ambition. Bell furtively—and illegally—copied part of Elisha Gray’s invention in the race to secure what would become the most valuable U.S. patent ever issued. And afterward, as Bell’s device led to the world’s largest monopoly, the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, he hid his invention’s illicit beginnings. In The Telephone Gambit, Shulman challenges the reputation of an icon of invention, rocks the foundation of a corporate behemoth, and offers a probing meditation on how little we know about our own history.

Price: $24.95

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SwyxWare 2013 is released - Over 600 new functions enhance the user experience

Swyx, the market-leading vendor of Unified Communications (UC) for SMEs has announced availability of its latest software, SwyxWare 2013. The new software has been adapted to meet the requirements of its existing and future users by incorporating many new features to download including; CTI +, which turns any phone into a VoIP extension and compatibility with Microsoft's latest generation of software.  In the new version there are more than 600 new functions in the area of call and contact management that significantly enhance the overall user experience.

SwyxWare 2013 - more flexibility, easier call management

The new version is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, SQL 2012 and Outlook 2013. With the CTI + option users can enjoy greater flexibility: for example, with only a few mouse clicks any device can be integrated as a personal phone system, coupled with the SwyxIt! PC client.

“We constantly improve SwyxWare using the method of agile software development, therefore rather than restrict the new version to a few new core features we were able to integrate over 600 enhancements that over time will improve the whole user experience, especially in the area of call and contact management," says Dr. Michael Thomson, Head of Development at Swyx.

"Personally, the feature I like most is ‘Linked Speed Dial Keys’.  By simply hovering your mouse over any contact in your SwyxIt! you can see at a glance all their presence information plus icons for a choice of contact channels such as email, Instant Messaging, phone/video call.  When you click on the ‘Linked Speed Dial’ arrow key, it expands the window to display all the relevant contact information on-screen and you simply select the best method of communication according to their status. For example if the contact person is travelling, you might call via their mobile phone or if he/she is in the office simply send an instant message.  If a contact changes, you only need to make this change once in your main CRM or database because it is integrated with Swyx, so all updates are made automatically.”

More functionality for the same price

While users of the new SwyxWare version will benefit from more functionality, the price will remain the same: "Our solution has been developed mainly for small and medium enterprises, this philosophy drives not only our products but also our pricing strategy: superior functionality, ease of use, all at a very competitive price based on the number of users." said Swyx CEO Dr. Ralf Ebbinghaus.

The new version of Smart Office SwyxWare 2013 SIP (for 10 users) can be purchased from authorised resellers from £1,625.

For more information visit  -

Editor’s notes:

About Swyx

Swyx your business.

Swyx operates as a pan-European market leader via two-tier distribution and over 1,000 authorised resellers: the Dortmund based company with dedicated offices in the UK and France sells not only software solutions in six languages, but also has a range of suitable phones and other hardware devices in its product portfolio.  Swyx’s award-winning unified communications provides not only in-house (CPE) solutions, but also cloud-based variants with well-known partners: Europe already has 500,000 users that rely on Swyx, of which around 10 percent have chosen to use a cloud-based solution.  The company currently employs more than 100 staff who are responsible for continually improving the SwyxWare solution for the communication requirements of today and in the future.  For further information, see

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Sharp FX Plus Unlocked GSM Phone with Android 2.2 OS, 2MP Camera, Touchscreen, QWERTY Keyboard, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - Black

With this Sharp FX Plus Smartphone, make a style statement using this touchscreen phone. This Sharp touchscreen mobile comes with an internal 80 MB memory upgradeable up to 32 GB using microSD cards. The Sharp FX Plus Smartphone has built-in USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP support. Shoot pictures and videos using built-in 2-megapixel camera of this Sharp cell phone. This 3G-ready Sharp touchscreen mobile has a decent, large easy to use slide-out keypad. This Sharp cell phone's 3.0-inch, 400x240-pixels resolution, TFT LCD display is a capacitive touchscreen making for sharp display, and user -friendly operation. It also has a Stereo FM radio tuner.

Price: $399.99

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TMT Finance announces East Africa conference in Nairobi on November 26

The internationally acclaimed telecom strategy and investment series produced by TMT Finance will hold its inaugural East Africa conference in Nairobi on November 26, 2013. ( TMT Finance & Investment East Africa 2013: “Leading the next wave of telecoms growth”, will gather key leadership from telecom companies, financial institutions, government departments and global advisory business, to debate opportunities for co-investment and partnership across the region.

“We are really delighted to bring the conference series to Nairobi due to enormous interest in the region from our global network of telecom executives, financiers, investors and advisers,” said Dominic Lowndes, Managing Director of TMT Finance, the event organisers. “East Africa’s mobile and fixed telecoms industry is at an exciting stage of development with major demand for infrastructure and services and significant opportunity for investment.”

The conference will bring together key financial and strategic decision makers in a series of panel discussions, keynote presentations, networking events and specialist breakout sessions. Over 40 speakers will be announced including leading telecom CEOs, CFOs and Strategy Heads, Regulators, Policy Makers, Global and Regional Heads of leading financial institutions, investors and advisers.

Key session themes at the conference include: Telecom Leadership Round Table: Accelerating growth; Mobile Infrastructure Strategies: Investing in towers and maximising returns; Mergers and Acquisitions: How will telecoms consolidation shape the market?; Regulation and Policy: How best to stimulate growth and investment?; Financing Telecoms: Raising capital from local and international markets and alternative sources; Broadband Infrastructure; From 4G to Satellite and Fiber; Investing in Mobile Data and Services; Mobile Banking and M-Health; and  Media and Convergence: Delivering content and collaborating in a new ecosystem.

“We are inviting companies and representatives from across the region, as well as global players, to participate and we encourage local players to contact us if they would like to take part,”  said Lowndes. “We will announce the first round of key speakers in August.”

TMT Finance events provide a unique platform for presenting new ideas and facilitating dialogue between leading industry executives and the global financial and advisory community. Speakers and delegates are telecom and infrastructure CEOs, CFOs, CSOs and Heads of M&A, investment banking heads, private equity investors, government representatives, regulators and specialist legal and strategic advisers and thought leaders.

For more information go to

For sponsorship or speaking opportunities, contact

Register your place early and save until September 13.

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V-Tech LS6405 Accessory Handset

VTech LS6405 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone Accessory Handset, Black/Silver, 1 Accessory Handset

Price: $39.95

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Tom Callahan Appointed President QRC Technologies

QRC Technologies (QRC) today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Tom Callahan as President of the company. “I am pleased to announce that Tom Callahan will succeed me as President,” says Roger Matherly, founder and CEO of QRC. “Tom’s ability to interpret our markets’ needs, translate those needs into technically superior solutions, and manage an organization to deliver those solutions to our customers’ makes him perfectly suited to lead QRC and direct our company’s continued growth.”

Tom Callahan has played a central role in the development of QRC’s product lines. He has been QRC’s General Manager for two years, and prior to this, Tom was VP of Engineering since joining the company in 2006. Tom came to QRC from PCTEL, formerly DTI, a world leader in commercial cellular test solutions, where he was the VP of Engineering overseeing the development of world class software defined scanning receivers and software solutions. Before DTI, Tom was a DSP engineer at the Watkins-Johnson Company, a leading government supplier of COMINT electronic warfare solutions.

“Tom’s experience in bringing to market superior radio frequency (RF) and cellular solutions in both commercial and government markets makes him uniquely qualified to lead QRC’s continued market expansion,” said Jeff Lazzuri, Executive VP. “We are very excited to have him take over leadership of the company.”

Tom Callahan holds an MBA from Keller Graduate School, a BSEE from Grove City College and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2003. Tom is also a member of QRC’s Board of Directors.

About QRC Technologies

QRC Technologies (QRC) specializes in RF Test and Measurement products, focused on cellular communications.  QRC develops and produces survey tools for cellular communication systems, phone based measurement, stimulation tools, forensic tools, and integrated RF recording and playback equipment.

QRC was founded in 1987 and has been serving as a systems integrator since its inception, and in the last decade has expanded with a portfolio of RF Test and Measurement products.  The company has over 50 employees in three offices:  one in Gaithersburg, MD, one in Stafford, VA, and the world headquarters located in Fredericksburg, VA.

Media Contact:

Jeff Lazzuri
QRC, Inc

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Price: $94.99

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Toughshield appoints mobile telecoms expert Sue Osborne

Toughshield, the global provider of rugged smartphone devices, has appointed Sue Osborne as a Channel Manager for the UK and Ireland. Reporting to Merrick Edwards, Business Development Director, Osborne will be responsible for new business and channel partner management, working with customers to identify opportunities that will then be fulfilled via strategic channel partners.

Osborne has spent the last 14 years in the mobile telecommunications industry working both with network operators and mobile software solutions providers. She spent 11 years with Orange (now Everything Everywhere) as Business Manager in the Corporate Auto / Transport Sector where she was responsible for winning business with some of the largest UK and Global enterprise customers including many household names. She has also held senior sales positions with Virgin Business Media, Crown Computing and, most recently, Vodafone.

Commenting on her new role Osborne said: “The enterprise smartphone market is experiencing phenomenal growth at the moment and Toughshield has a vision to become one of the leading players. This is a hugely exciting opportunity for me and I am looking forward to introducing Toughshield to my network of contacts and to working with the channel to maximise this opportunity.”

Merrick Edwards welcomed Osborne’s appointment saying: “Sue brings a wealth of understanding of the mobile communications needs of enterprise customers combined with a deep knowledge of the mobile operators. Her skills and experience will further enhance our rapidly growing sales team and I am confident that she will make a very positive contribution to the future success of Toughshield as it takes advantage of the rapid growth of enterprise smartphone adoption in the UK and Ireland.”

About Toughshield:

Toughshield has been building its sales and business development team as it executes its plan to be a leading provider of ruggedised smartphones to the enterprise market. Recent hires include Merrick Edwards, Business Development Director; Andy Lee, Channel Manager and Mercedes Gilkes, Business Development Manager.

Founded in 2010 with headquarters in London, Toughshield ( is a global provider of smartphone devices, which offer a blend of consumer design and ease of use, combined with enterprise specific functionality and durability. These include the R500, a ruggedised smartphone that offers dedicated push to talk and lone worker panic buttons, dual SIM and Near Field Communication. Designed for the elements, the R500 is IP67 and MIL-STD-810 rated against dust and water ingress and comes with Gorilla Glass.

Its rugged build and dedicated safety features make it ideal for enterprise customers with mobile workers in a range of sectors including security, transport and logistics, local authority and healthcare. The company continues to develop new smartphones and tablets to meet the specific needs of mobile workers in a variety of sectors. The Toughshield team is ideally placed to address this market having broad experience of both the rugged enterprise mobility and consumer smartphone markets.

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USB Car Charger for Iphone, Ipod, Mobile Phone, Mp4 PSP and Ndsl

Accessories made for Apple iPhone Compatible with iPhone iPod Mobile phone Mp3 Mp4 PSP PSP go NDSI NDSILL and NDSL.
Specification: 100% New and High Quality. USB Car Charger for iPhone, iPod Mobile phone, Mp3, Mp4, PSP and NDSL. Unique and shine design with metalline shell Versatile dual USB output can charge USB Powered Devices in your car on same time Output current of one USB port is DC 1A, meet most of digital devices.
Total USB output: DC 5V 2A
Quantity: 1pc
Package Contents: 1 x Dual USB Car Charger


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VRS Multichannel (7 channels) Audio or Telephone Line Recording Software [Download]

VRS is a powerful and easy professional, digital audio-recording application. This multi-channel, audio-recording software has a robust design and simple interface for easy day-to-day operation and recording. Telephone line recording (call recording), remote audio monitoring, radio communication recording easily setup for a broad range of recording scenarios. VRS can record multiple audio channels simultaneously with automatic level control and digital signal processing to improve voice intelligibility.

Recordings are automatically compressed and can be searched by date, time, line or other data from the software, or from your web browser using the Web Access feature. Record 1 to 7 audio channels simultaneously on one computer. Includes automatic voice-activated, hardware port control, or continuous recording modes. Digital signal processing helps to improve voice intelligibility and automatic level control. Search for recordings by date, channel and more in the Find and Play window. Save and compress recorded audio as wav, mp3, or gsm files. Log recording details to an SQL database or to a comma delimited CSV file.

Mirror or back up recordings via FTP, or send recordings to an email address. Includes an SDK for third party programs to control recording. Listen to live recording remotely with VRS RemoteMonitor. Continuous recording mode for 24 hour recording. Break long recordings into more manageable hour-long files. Schedule recordings for specific dates and times. Includes high compression settings to reduce hard drive requirements.

Record up to 7 telephone lines simultaneously and automatically. Log phone numbers dialed (DTMF tones). Provide outbound call audit and cost estimate displays and logs. Additional searching by the DTMF number dialed. Manually start and stop recording from calling stations with VRS RemoteControl. Record Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone calls made with NCH Express Talk softphone

This product download includes a product activation code that should be used to activate your software at This product activation and registration must be done in order for your product to be permanently licensed for use – registration is completed using the File>Register option within the product interface. To take advantage of the included Platinum technical support and 2 year product upgrade warranty for Amazon customers only, please visit

Price: $1,198.80

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Türk Telekom International and Datagroup Deploy Ekinops Coherent 100G Between Moscow and Frankfurt

Türk Telekom International, theinternational data and wholesale voice service provider company of Türk Telekom Group, has successfully deployed Ekinops 100G across its network between Germany and Ukraine, where it connects with Datagroup, a major Ukrainian operator, to create an ultra-fast low latency 100G route up to Russia, for a total distance of 3,600 kilometers.

Türk Telekom International, a leading alternative telecommunication operator in Central Europe, Turkey, Caucasus, the Middle East and beyond, and Datagroup have both selected Ekinops as their supplier of 100G transport technology, creating a seamless 100G link across multiple and different networks.

Ekinops, a leading supplier of next-generation optical transport equipment, provided its 100G coherent systems, which are deployed as alien waves on the existing long-haul DWDM networks of the two providers. They span thousands of kilometers of fiber that make up Türk Telekom International’s pan-European network and Datagroup's trans-Ukrainian network.

Türk Telekom International and Datagroup selected the flagship Ekinops 360 ( platform and its 100G 1RU equipment, which can be configured either as 100G transponders or as muxponders for aggregation of 10G services into 100G.

Existing 10G networks with optical multiplexers carrying 10G waves can now be easily upgraded to 100G. The Ekinops 100G solution uses only one 50GHz channel, which allows service providers to transport 10 times the capacity in every port.

The existing DWDM networks are transporting numerous 10G and 40G waves, and the 100G channel was added without affecting the existing traffic. This was also achieved without making changes to the existing network.

"Building this coherent 100G service on the existing infrastructure of both Türk Telekom International and Datagroup was a major achievement for all the teams involved. With excellent support from the Ekinops team and the cooperation between the relevant parties, we managed to rapidly deliver an end-to-end native 100G connection in line with our end-customer’s expectations," declared Albert Kis, CTO at Türk Telekom International.

“This extension of the network is important for Ukraine. The presence of a direct link with Western Europe will allow us to increase traffic and improve service to our customers,” said Aleksandr Danchenko, CEO of Datagroup.

"The Ekinops solution is ideal for upgrading long-haul transport networks to 100G," said Didier Brédy, CEO of Ekinops. “We are proud to partner with two of the leading service providers in the region and contribute to this major achievement.”

About Türk Telekom International

Türk Telekom International is a leading alternative telecommunication operator in the CEE region, Turkey, Caucasus, Middle-East and beyond. It provides a full range of Internet/data services, infrastructure and wholesale voice services to incumbents, alternative carriers, mobile operators, cable TV companies, Internet service providers and corporate customers. Türk Telekom International is 100% owned by Turk Telekom. Türk Telekom International provides single account management and unified network operations over the entire Türk Telekom International network which includes 19 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Middle East and the Caucasus. Türk Telekom International offers premium quality telecommunication solutions in the form of: guaranteed SLA-s, local experts, dedicated staff, centralized end-to-end network management, trustworthy and reliable attitude, delivering on commitments, on-time delivery, tailor-made, scalable and cost-effective technical solutions and a proven management team with a full service portfolio. For more information, please visit

About Türk Telekom Group

Türk Telekom Group, the leading communication and convergence technology group in Turkey, provides integrated telecommunication services from PSTN and GSM to broadband internet. As of June 30, 2012; Türk Telekom group companies have 14.7 mn Fixed Access Lines, 7 mn ADSL Connections and 13 mn Mobile Subscribers. Group companies have a modern network infrastructure covering the whole country and offer a wide variety of services to residential and commercial customers all over Turkey. Apart from 90 % shares in Avea, one of the three GSM operators in Turkey, Türk Telekom owns 100% of wholesale data and capacity service provider company Pantel International AG and its subsidiaries, 99.9% of broadband provider TTNET, convergence technologies company Argela, IT solutions provider Innova, online education company Sebit A.S., online gaming company Sobee and call center company AssisTT. Türk Telekom also has an indirect minority share in Albtelecom, the Albanian incumbent telecom operator. 55% of Türk Telekom shares belong to Ojer Telekomünikasyon A.S. and 30% belongs to Turkish Treasury. The remaining 15% is publicly traded. Türk Telekom shares are listed in Istanbul Stock Exchange since May 2008.

About Datagroup

Datagroup, one of the fastest-growing companies in the Ukraine, serves the Ukrainian market with residential and businesses communications services. Datagroup maintains its own fiber-optic network throughout the country, with a total length of 17,000 kilometers. Datagroup owns four optic transition points to Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Russia. Total capacity of the backbone network is 210 Gbps in the Europe direction and 230 Gbps in the Russian direction. For more information, visit

About Ekinops

Ekinops is a leading supplier of next generation optical transport equipment for telecommunications service providers. The Ekinops 360 addresses Metro, Regional, and Long-Haul applications with a single, highly-integrated platform. Ekinops is a market-leading innovator in 100G transport with its unique all-in-1RU® approach that truly optimizes optical networks. The Ekinops 360 system relies on the highly-programmable Ekinops T-Chip® (Transport-on-a-Chip) that enables fast, flexible and cost-effective delivery of new services for high-speed transport. Using the Ekinops 360 carrier-grade system, operators can simply increase capacity of their networks – CWDM, DWDM, Ethernet, ESCON, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH, and uncompressed video (HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI). Ekinops is headquartered in Lannion, France, and Ekinops Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary, is incorporated in the USA. For more information, visit Ekinops at

Media Contact:

Dominique Arestan

Director  Marketing Communications

Phone: +33 (0)1 49 97 04 03

Mobile: +33 (0)6 42 10 95 05

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VTech - Slide And Talk Smart Phone

The Slide & Talk Smart Phone is a slide phone that allows for pretend texting and cell phone play. The toy features a slide-out keyboard and the LCD screen automatically recognizes when the device is in phone or message mode and adjusts accordingly. The phone also features a phone book that contains four friends who you can text or call. Surprise "wrong number" phone calls from a variety of silly characters adds to the fun. Teaches letters, numbers, counting, alphabetical order.

Product Measures: 1.4 by 2.5 by 4.7

Recommended Ages: 2 years - 4 years

Price: $29.99

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Ukash improves global service with cloud contact centre

Ukash, a leading provider of online cash payment, has improved the customer experience and ROI, increased by innovative cloud contact center technology of NewVoiceMedia. The company has implemented ContactWorld for Service, a scalable solution with Salesforce integration, for a single, shared view of all interactions with customers.

The UK-based company had previously outsourced customer service, but selected ContactWorld to telephone conversations with the support service as it moves the internal Department, to focus on an improved customer experience and get complete control of the operations.

The solution was implemented in addition to implementing Salesforce CRM. ContactWorld integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM to track all calls and customer service levels measured, Ukash with voice communication addition to its Salesforce CRM system.

Ukash has a rich set of features, including dynamic routing, intelligent incoming calls based on data from Salesforce process. Rather than treat all callers in a queue with the same meaning, the company can more quickly priorise VIP customers, solve existing conversations and recognize international callers and route to agents to speak their language.

The solution provides direct access to a customer or prospect entire history of interactions from one screen and easy call recording allows for a full record of calls is held-a valuable tool for troubleshooting and training. Employees can talks directly from Salesforce with the click-to-dial function, save time and improve the call connections.

Agents can also log in to the same system, where they are, if all they need is a telephone and internet connection, which means that they can work from different locations. The platform provides a real-time window into the entire contact center operation so agents can be easily managed, and customizable, rich reports expose the company let where improvement opportunities exist.

As with many organizations, was reliability an important area that had to be addressed before the company moved its telephone to the cloud. Ukash had full confidence in NewVoiceMedia due to its 99.999% availability SLA and public confidence Site (, which shows how platform performance and availability in real time. Customer data protection is also essential for both companies, and as such, is the only cloud contact center vendor NewVoiceMedia ISO27001 certified and compliance with PCI-DSS level 1.

"We brought our in-house customer support in an effort to provide the best possible service, and this certainly have achieved since the implementation of ContactWorld," said Emanuela Azzarello, Customer Services Manager on Ukash. "We now have full visibility of our business metrics and measurable improvements in the service we provide. Reduced average processing time, abandonment rates by 1 percent, improved the management of our Department and increased ROI on our previous model ".

Ukash Operations Director Shiraz NewVoiceMedia 220â, adds, "not only provide us with a reliable and feature-rich contact centre, but a fully flexible and scalable solution. We can add new country support lines within days and not requires expertise to make changes. We have certainly got more control over our customer experience than ever before ".

Jonathan Gale, CEO, NewVoiceMedia, comments, "Ukash currently operates in over 55 countries, so that real cloud technology ideal for the delivery of an integrated and consistent level of service. It is also scalable as the company, without the headache of integration, upgrades and maintenance is growing. We are very happy that the company has made such significant improvements since the implementation ".

Ukash is an international company with an established, with which consumers around the world for shopping, payment, shipping and online, play with cash safe, secure and easy. Ukash is recognized for its significant levels of growth in recent years and was last month honored at the Queen's Awards for enterprise for the third consecutive year for its outstanding contribution to international trade.

For more info on NewVoiceMedia, visit

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VTech SN6167 CareLine Accessory Portable Safety Pendant for 6.0 1-Handset Landline Telephone

Everyday conversations and emergency calls are just a speed-dial button away with the CareLine Accessory Portable Safety Pendant. Wear it around your neck or clipped to your waistband for the most mobility at home. No monthly monitoring fees, installation costs or contracts. Accessory pendant only - requires a SN1197, SN6127, SN6187, SN6196, SN6917 series phone to operate

Price: $29.95

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VERICOM Global Solutions expands product lines with introduction of new CAT5E and CAT6 Patch Cords

VERICOM, a global manufacturer of cable and cabling solutions based in Knoxville, Tennessee, announces the expansion of the VERICOM CAT5E and CAT6 UTP product lines, with 21 different lengths of CAT5E and CAT6 UTP Patch Cables available in 9 different colors available in CAT5E and 4 different colors in CAT6 on the VERICOM website at

VERICOM CAT5E and CAT6 data patch cords are commonly used in many types of data and computer equipment. From a 6 inch/.5 foot standard CAT5E or CAT6 unshielded patch cord up to a 200 foot CAT5E or CAT6 unshielded patch cord, VERICOM patch cables provide the connectivity between all applications and virtually all types data and computer equipment.

VERICOM CAT5E and CAT6 data patch cables are available in both UTP (unshielded) and FTP (shielded) varieties, with colors that include standard black and white cables, along with specialty colors in CAT5E patch cables that include light blue, orange, purple and yellow.

“The addition of these new lengths in VERICOM CAT5E and CAT6 patch cords are the next step in growing the VERICOM CAT5E and CAT6 patch cables product offerings for our customers.” said Craig Bates, Marketing Manager for VERICOM Global Solutions. “With 21 different lengths available and the broad range of color options, VERICOM can easily fulfill all of the patch cable needs that our customers require.”

The VERICOM product portfolio includes broadband cables and accessories, audio and video cables, server and network cabinets, a wide range of HDMI cables, wall-mounted cabinet and racks, coaxial cable and assemblies, premise wiring cable, bulk wire and other connectivity products.

For more information on VERICOM, please visit,  contact Craig Bates, Marketing Manager at 865-671-4455, extension 117 and follow VERICOM on Twitter:  @_VERICOM_

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Zoom 3095 USB Mini External Modem - USB - 1 x RJ-11 Phone Line - 56 Kbps

The 3095 USB Mini External combines a highly efficient design, easy installation and high performance in a surprisingly low-cost product. With its small size, light weight and integrated USB cable, the 3095 is perfect for travel or home office use. The modem plugs directly into a USB port and works with any operating system supporting a USB interface, including Windows, Macintosh, or Linux. Configuration is automatic and reliable without the potential conflicts of an internal modem. And the USB port provides power to the modem, so you don't need a power cube. That means no bulky power cube when you travel and no power cube clutter at your desk.

Price: $49.99

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VIP Communications launch direct line Ghana-UK

VIP communication works closely with Ghana's trusted telecom services to ensure that their subscribers least affected new regulations taxation of inbound calls to Ghana. From 3 August 2013, the United Kingdom will join a growing list of countries covered by the direct line Ghana VIP service.

The Parliament of Ghana recently the tax assessment Communications Service, which is designed for lifting a tax on providers for all interconnected communication traffic, including phone calls, text messages, as well as email. This tax (also called the "talk tax") is expected to make a baseline increase in call rates on all providers, which this tax burden will eventually shift to Ghanaians living abroad and calling home.

Direct line Ghana can VIP subscribers have their own local Ghana telephone number that international phone calls to any phone us, CA, or UK for less than half the price. This service is exempt from the tax "talk", and callers in Ghana will not pay for international rates to reach these unique numbers. In addition, Vodafone users in Ghana this numbers-free calls.

". .. legislators and players in the industry were sharply divided about the move and insisted the truncation of the process because consumers would be hit hard." Directly derived from the official release of the Parliament of Ghana

Graham Milne, CEO of VIP Communications notes: "as a first-generation immigrant myself, I know how important it is to regularly at home.  I don't mind paying a fair price for my calls, but as we know from our experience, is the case with Ghana the diaspora now pay more than 20 cents a minute in taxes and duties. "

Why direct line: Ghana?

·         Get your own local number of Ghana.

·         Free for your friends and family to use.

·         Call charges debited from your VIP account.

·         No calling cards, no downloads.

·         Live customer service.

VIP communications was founded in 1996. For 17 years has focused exclusively on VIP delivering the highest quality services for international communication. We share our expertise globally and experience daily with our customers bound them to the most reliable and unique services that deliver the highest value to their business. In a recent survey 96% of our customers were happy or very happy with the support we made available.


Pete Legeros

[US] + 1 703-708-1515 x 3027

* Pete Rogers-VP of VIP Communications is available for interviews from person to person, call in and recorded.

* Kwami Khalid-Director of the development of the UK for VIP communication will be in London from 3 August 2013 to 6 August 2013 and is available for interviews from person to person, call in and recorded.

Please contact the press contact Pete Legeros for more information and interview arrangements.

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Triplett 9615 Line-Bug 4 Phone and LAN Line Tester

Tests LAN jack (RJ-45) wired to 568A/B. standard for telephone line current. RJ-45 test plug is selectable via front panel switch for USOC (telephone) or 568 (LAN) connection. Use to test a LAN jack for telephone current, which might damage an expensive LAN tester. Compact design - fits in shirt pocket. Economical and convenient. One year limited warranty. Instructions: RJ-11 Phone Lines, Plug RJ-11 connector into jack and observe LEDs. Switch position does not effect test. RJ-45 Phone Lines, Set switch appropriately.

(USOC for standard phone or 568 A/B for LAN). Plug RJ-45 connector into jack and observe LEDs. Do not plug RJ-11 into RJ-45 jacks. Damage may result. Newer phone lines are often wired to 568 A/B instead of USOC. Some LAN lines have telephone current on previously unused pairs. Pre-testing LAN lines with the Line-Bug 4 before testing with a LAN tester may prevent damage to your LAN tester. Plug RJ-45 connector into jack. Set switch to 568 A/B and observe LEDs. Next, set switch to USOC and observe LEDs. If any LED lights in either switch position, voltage is present.

Price: $8.97

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Vizocom Builds a High Quality Satellite Communication Infrastructure for JLCC

Vizocom has signed a contract with Joint Libyan Cement Manufacturing Company to provide VSAT equipment and services to three main sites of JLCC in Libya. The contract was the result of a mutual effort by the two companies to find a solution to JLCC’s growing need for high quality, reliable and full time connectivity between its three sites and with their partners and customers inside and outside Libya.

A key player in supplying material in the fast growing construction sector in Libya, JLCC realized that in order to keep with the pace of the country’s flourishing economy and ahead of the competition, it needed to enhance its use of information and communication technology. Reliable satellite communication is critical for efficient management of a large commercial entity such as JLCC with facilities in several locations.

Vizocom joined JLCC in performing a needs analysis with future growth and upgradability in mind. As a result, Vizocom designed a high quality and efficient system for JLCC. The system provided by Vizocom promises to form a solid communication infrastructure for the company to build its high tech systems on for years to come.

Joint Libyan Construction Company (JLCC) is an investment joint venture project of Asamer Holding and Libyan government thru Economical and Social Development Fund (ESDF). JLCC includes and manages Joint Libyan Building Materials Company (JLBM) and Libyan Cement Company (LCC), both of which are leaders in construction and building materials industry, providing ready mix concrete and premium quality cement products.

Vizocom has been providing Communication and IT services throughout the Middle East and North Africa for many years. It also has an impressive portfolio for providing services to Oil companies (Shell, ExxonMobil, Gazprom, Lukoil, Chevron, Petronas, BP, ENI, OMV, PetroChina, Baker Hughes International, OJSC, etc.) and Security Companies (REED INC, Triple Canopy, Sabre Security, G4S, Olive Group, TAAZ, etc.) as well as different US, UK, Brazilian, European Union governmental agencies and contractors in MENA.

Contact Email:
Source          :    Vizocom LLC ;
Phone          :    0044 207 193 0687
City/Town      :    Sharjah, UAE
Industry        :    Communication, IT
Tags          :    Communications, Information Technology, VSAT Internet, ICT, Computer

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Uniden Big Button Desktop Corded Phone - (CEZ260 W)

If you're looking for a basic, reliable phone, look no further than the CEZ260 desktop corded phone by Uniden. The simple design features a large base with big buttons so you can easily see individual keys and dial outgoing numbers. The large LCD screen displays all the information you need to take accurate messages including the name and number of incoming callers, the date and the time. Both the ringer and handset volumes can be adjusted so you can set it to your personal preferences. Use the 60-caller ID memory to review the history of previous calls, the 10-phonebook memory for storing your most popular numbers, and the three one-touch memory keys to quickly dial the numbers you use the most with a touch of a button. The CEZ260 is an affordable solution for those who want a quality phone without the hassle of multiple features.

Price: $34.99

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VoicePulse Announces VoicePulse cloud Service

VoicePulse, Inc., a leading provider of Internet Telephony Service, launched its new infrastructure-as-a-Service offering called VoicePulse public cloud Service. VoicePulse public cloud is a self-service, hosted virtual Data Center solution based on VMware vCloud Director. Anyone can create a custom virtual Data directly online registration Center, where you can implement to create your own VMware vApps cloud solution.

"Cloud VoicePulse Service is a complete IaaS platform that gives customers the opportunity to not only virtualize their database development, web, email, and custom applications – as well as VoIP, controlled in a safe, environmentally friendly, high-performance physical facility," explaind Ravi Moha, President & CEO.  "Customers realize tremendous cost savings and flexibility, that's just not possible with physical hardware.  We chose to build the service on VMware's technology due to their superior technology and feature-set, as well as our in-house depth of knowledge with vCloud. "

Because it is based on VMware and VMware vCloud Director globe, VoicePulse Virtual Data Centers deliver the capabilities to build cloud environments with shared compute, storage and resources while providing customers full control over the data center virtual networks.

VoicePulse is currently offering a fully functional, free trial of her Public Service Cloud. Customers can deploy a special virtual Data Center environment within minutes using a catalog with the vApps VoicePulse or any software of their choice. In addition to traditional Customer Support VoicePulse has also a community site where customers can post questions and articles, explore ideas.

Visit for more information.


VoicePulse is a New Jersey based technology and communication company that supplies advanced VoIP and VMware Cloud hosting services to personal and commercial customers based.  VoicePulse has maintains an ' A ' rating with the Better Business Bureau and features in publications such as Time Magazine, The New York Times, US News World Report &, PC WORLD, PC Magazine, and more. If you want more info on VoicePulse, visit VoicePulse is a trademark of VoicePulse Inc.

VMware VMware vCloud and VMware vSphere are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of VMware, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. All other trademarks and company names may be trademarks of their respective companies. The use of the word "partner" or the "partnership" does not mean a legal partnership relationship between VMware and another company.

Media contact:


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VTech CS6419 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone, Black/Silver, 1 Handset

The Vtech CS6419 is a cordless phone ensures interference-free communication always. It features caller ID and selectable ringtones. This phone comes with DECT 6.0 digital technology for high sound quality. This sleek digital cordless phone offers digital security option for securing you from identity theft. The built-in caller ID memory is able to recall and identify up to 50 numbers with names. With the facility of the speakerphone, you can talk hands-free while you're occupied with some other task and conveniently multitask.

The phone jack of this truly functional DECT 6.0 cordless phone can accommodate up to 5 handsets to allow you the flexibility of conferencing an outside call. With the stylish Vtech CS6419 Cordless Phone, you have the freedom to walk around the house and still have crystal clear sound clarity. The well-designed keypad and backlit digital display are user-friendly and you can operate either in English, Spanish, or French according to your convenience.

Price: $19.95

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VoIP Providers vs. Small & Medium Businesses: How to choose the best VoIP PBX services

Hosted VoIP PBX systems ( have the potential to fundamentally reshape the way small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) communicate by centralizing all vital business voice communications and delivering economies of scale. With enterprise-class functionality and flexibility, as well as the all-important cost efficiencies that it delivers, hosted VoIP PBX ( would seem to be a natural fit for most small and mid-sized companies. However, there are still certain roadblocks to further widespread adoption of VoIP technology; and it seems that the prevalence of awkward products and services in the market have raised doubts about the ease of using VoIP. VoIP providers are often focusing solely on earning quick revenue when they should be focusing on customer satisfaction and retention. This is a recurring problem that has garnered negative attention for quite some time. But luckily there are examples of real VoIP services that can annul some of this bad rep.

So what exactly creates this bad reputation for VoIP providers and simultaneously deters some SMBs from adopting VoIP? The goal of hosted VoIP PBX service providers ( should be to streamline the way businesses communicate, helping them increase productivity. They should focus on offering more for less, meaning that a true value of business VoIP lies in offering advanced communication capabilities for a more economical price compared to traditional business phone systems. Unfortunately, many hosted VoIP ( providers are forcing sales even when cost is not properly analyzed, or the customer is not VoIP-ready quite yet. They don’t take time to work with prospective customers to fully understand their requirements and explain the implementation of hosted VoIP PBX.

Instead of lowering communication costs, businesses end up falling prey to deceptive vendors whose pricing models are complicated and far from transparent. Hidden charges, such as paying extra for features that should be included in the cost of a standard VoIP calling plan, is just one part of the problem. The effect of the unforeseen costs – customers eventually leave the provider due to dissatisfaction and some vendors end up with 25% annual churn rate. With Aitonic, we make sure we provide all the features your business requires for the best price possible- which is why we’ve designed an all-inclusive, economical and predictable pricing model.

Before implementing VoIP, organizations need to make sure that their existing computer network can handle the voice traffic to avoid costly failures. Some providers don’t offer to assess readiness of a prospective customer’s network to determine if VoIP can be implemented without quality errors. In many cases, businesses unknowingly agree to implement systems that they are not yet ready to support, which leads to a VoIP system that functions below expectatoins.  Aitonic’s expert advisors prevent future causes of frustration by helping our customers maximize the value of their existing network and enable smooth transition to VoIP.

The most important thing that many VoIP providers lack is sufficient customer support. The number one reason customers leave VoIP providers is poor customer service. After implementing VoIP, service providers often abandon customers and leave them to work out technical and other issues that may arise by themselves. If customer service and technical support staff are unavailable when they are needed, customers feel underappreciated and the VoIP provider’s reputation deteriorates. When errors in a business VoIP system occur and they are not immediately addressed, it hinders the company’s ability to operate efficiently and provide professional service to its customers. Frequent call dropping is one of the many possible annoyances that can have significant consequences for business.

Aitonic’s Guardian Customer Support delivers high levels of customer service. Our technically talented customer service personnel are available to quickly and efficiently respond to any issues that may arise with professionalism and respect for the customer’s time and business needs. We believe our customer service makes us different from our competitors. We invite you to speak to our customer support representatives to get a sense of their efficiency, technical skills and commitment to your success.   There is no better way to do this than to try the service for yourself with our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, at no risk and without disturbing your current phones.   Service can be up and running in 15 minutes.  Welcome to good customer support.

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iGo PS00273-0001 Charge Anywhere Universal Power Extender (Bulk Packaging)

Works with multiple devices, including mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones/PDAs, MP3 players, portable gaming devices Compact and lightweight; folding blades store away for travel Built in 1800mAh backup battery charges while you charge your device Kit inludes power extender/charger, 6 ft charging cord, Apple iPhone/iPod plug and micro USB plug Brand NEW in Bulk Packaging

Price: $49.99

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Integrated Security Systems Design: Concepts, Specifications, and Implementation

Integrated Security Systems Design is a one-stop resource for security directors, consultants, engineers and installation managers who are interested in learning how to save millions of dollars in improved operations efficiency. An integrated security system is a system that has been incorporated into other programs (such as Access Control, Private Branch Exchanges, Human Relations, Security Video, and Intercommunications) to perform tasks in a manner consistent with corporate or agency policies and procedures. This book explains how to accomplish such integration, thereby saving a company both time and money.

Integrated Security Systems Design is arranged to go from the strategic to the technical to the tactical. The strategic section covers the why of design, the technical section explains how it's done, and the tactical section provides the cultural knowledge that leads to project success. Many of the subjects covered, such as how to make a security system invisible on an Information Technology System network, have rarely or never been discussed before in any book. Additionally, guidance is offered in avoiding pitfalls out of which lawsuits have arisen for well-meaning but unsuspecting project participants.

* Fully illustrated with numerous line diagrams, photographs, and the what-not-to-do's of security design
* Offers fast and easy reference for a complex subject
* Guides the reader from the strategic through the technical to the tactical for best understanding of entire design process

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TRENDnet ® launches next generation Wireless Media bridge AC1200

Connect network enabled TV, media player, game console, and the receiver to the four Gigabit ports. Wireless AC easily handles multiple HD streams simultaneously. To connect to a wireless network, one needs a AC AC wireless router such as TRENDnet's TEW-812DRU or TEW-811DRU. Once the bridge media is connected to a network wireless AC, simply connect the four Gigabit ports on the back of the TEW-800 MB for direct internet access. Beamforming technology further enhances wireless speeds directing the strongest wireless signal back AC wireless router.

"The TEW-800 MB installs in less than five minutes," said Sonny Su, Chief Technology Officer for TRENDnet. "Bringing the Internet to the media center through next generation Wireless AC ultra-network performance."

TEW-800 MB features:

AC: uninterrupted wireless HD video streaming in a busy connected home

Dual band: connect to a Wireless Router AC in 867 Mbps or a Wireless N Router 300 Mbps

Cover entire House: High Power Amplifiers expand wireless coverage

Wired: Gigabit network connection ready TV, media player, receiver and game console with four high-performance Gigabit Ethernet ports

Pricing and availability

TEW-800 MB availability: July (from partners online and retail)
TEW-800 MB MSRP: £ 99.99

For TRENDnet
To learn more about, and to connect to TRENDnet, visit,, and

Lauren Dew/James Pleass
Office. + 44 1252 717040

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Universal Bike or Motorcycle Handlebar Mount for Mobile GPS & Phone

Mount-It! Universal Bike Mount provides the ideal solution to quickly, easily and securely mount your mobile GPS unit, Phone, or any i-device on your bike handlebars. Mount-It Universal Bike Mount provides the peace of mind by offering great protection for your mobile devices while riding your bike. This mount features quick set up in just seconds without tools Heavy duty low vibration Mount Height and angle adjustable Quick lock & release Adjustable fit for any bike Provides optimal viewing angle Detachable case for security

Price: $69.99

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WasteRunner mobile asset management system to be introduced at WasteExpo

Enaptive Inc., creator of the leading asset and logistics management system serving customers in the scrap recycling and transportation industries, launched its newest product – WasteRunner - at this year’s Waste Expo, held May 20-23, in New Orleans. WasteRunner is the only fully integrated container management and asset tracking system in the waste management industry. Innovative features include asset geocoding, portable Windows OS on CDMA or GPRS networks, automated dispatch and tracking and integration with scheduling program systems, which provides a seamless process that saves tangible time and real money.

“We are proud to be offering our newest solution for operators in the waste industry,” said Paresh Hirapara, CEO of Enaptive. “After several large operators came to us seeking help we determined the need was there for us to focus on creating a custom solution that addresses the unique operational and management needs of the majority of waste operators.”

Enaptive has beta-tested WasteRunner at a number of installations to ensure it could validate operational efficiencies, according to David Lee, vice president, client solutions for Enaptive. “Waste processors are just now realizing they can greatly improve their bottom line by automating some of the operational aspects of their fleet operations and utilization of mobile assets,” Lee said.

The programming logic for WasteRunner is based on Enaptive’s popular ScrapRunner, which is used by many scrap recycling operations. For more information about WasteRunner, visit or call 904.281.1902. 

About Enaptive: Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., Enaptive Inc. provides “Technology to Transform Business,” serving its clients in the logistics and transportation industries with a range of information technology-related products and services. Enaptive offers complete business process management, software architecture, engineering, construction and consulting services.

TeleMatrix 2L Trimline Black

Two line operation- Compatible with PABX systems- Dial keys on handset- Soft key technology- Flash key - 600ms timing- Last number redial key- Convenient data port- morePhone automatic overshipment for qualified orders over 100 phones- Turnkey telephone modifications available - ready for instant installation- Custom tailored or designer faceplates- Compact low profile design- Desk or wall mountable- Industrial grade construction with matte finish design- Non-slip baseTLM691591

Price: $ 79

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Telecoms Dealer Channels create new revenue streams with Call Centres using salestar connect

Salestar connect, software provider for the telecommunications and cellular industry provides a comprehensive call centre software solution. With over a decade of experience and present in many countries around the world, salestar connect is considered the UK and Ireland’s leading telecom software solution for the dealer channel.

Delivering solutions to Network Operators, Service Providers, SIM Card Distributors, Franchises, Master Dealer Agents, Dealers, Retailers and more, salestar connect has spent the last decade perfecting their offerings. The Call Centre software solution is evidence of that according to Chief Solutions Officer Deen Ossman, “The call centre is a vital part of any telecommunications business which is why we created a solution that encompassed all the telecom-specific functions needed to run one and to increase opportunities to sell and market to customers.” Of course the customer is central too, and the system was designed to create a consistent service and an excellent customer experience for them.

Some of the main benefits of the Call Centre solution are:

·         All actions are carried out in real-time resulting in better CRM and decisions made with the latest information.

·         Set up offers with automatic profit on deals calculated instantly. Commissions are also calculated in real time.

·         Easily follow up renewals/upgrades with inbuilt reminders and alerts.

·         Online Credit Checks, Network Activations, IMEI tracking within the system means that there is no double entry and actions are easy to monitor.

·         Create Marketing Campaigns with comprehensive information and execute them optimally using inbound/outbound methods.

·         Manage the entire lead life-cycle: lead generation, prioritisation, sale, and follow-up

·         Record all calls with customers for more in depth CRM

·         Access information on phone & activation histories, contracts & service entitlements, service levels, & warranties

·         Manage the repair and returns process with billing and shipping included

·         Analytics and Reports

The Call Centre software solution can be fully integrated into all other dealer management systems that are provided with salestar connect. This means that clients can grow their sales platforms one step at a time with the scalable solution, for example Retail EPOS systems, corporate B2B software and e-commerce systems are all available with complete CRM, Finance and Billing systems included in a single database.

Find out more about salestar connect at OR

Editors Notes
salestar connect
is the UK’s leading software solution for the Telecom and Cellular Dealer Channel, delivering best-of-breed business management solutions with telecom specific functionalities such as IMEI Tracking, Activation Wizards, Commission Management, Air Time Distribution and Price Book management to Network Carriers, Service Providers, Distributors, Dealer Management, Dealer Master Agents, Retailers, and Dealers for 10+ years.

Media Contact  

Carlene Ahangama

Marketing Copywriter

+44 (0) 208 123 8720

Company Information

Deen Ossman

Chief Solutions Officer

+44 (0) 20 8875 0111

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The Customer Response Management Handbook: Building, Rebuilding and Improving Your Results

"The Customer Response Management Handbook" is your one-stop reference for building, rebuilding and improving all non face-to-face methods of communication management. By focusing especially on telephony-based media (phone, fax, email, e-commerce, wireless communications, VOIP, etc.), Darlene Richard presents a provocative selection of ideas to help you think through the 'whys' of successful customer response management, and demonstrates that this success will never rest only on the associated technology, but also on the associated people. Darlene D. Richard has over 20 years practical direct marketing, call centre and business development experience in Australia, NZ and the USA. She is the Managing Director of Call Centre Integrity Pty Ltd - a consultancy for review, troubleshooting and recommending improvements to telephony-based business.

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