Cordless/Corded Phone with Answering Machine

The Panasonic KX-TG1061M Cordless/Corded Phone’s DECT 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology lets you move freely around your home with long range and amazingly clear sound. It also assures greater protection against eavesdropping for all your calls. Operating in the 1.9GHz frequency range, your phone will not conflict with other wireless devices such as computer routers, wireless keyboards, microwave ovens and other common household devices. Store the Caller ID info of any and all unwanted callers into your phone's Call Block list so that you can eliminate future pesky calls. After the information is stored, those unwanted callers will receive a busy signal when they call you again.

Now you can program each handset to ring or not at your discretion. Before going to sleep, simply set the bedside handset to Silent Mode so that it won't ring in your bedroom. In the meantime, the handset in the den will still ring when that important call comes in without disturbing the person who's sleeping. The corded handset works even when the electricity doesn't. Don't miss important calls when the ringer is off. The Light-Up Indicator with Ringer Alert at the base of the antenna will flash quickly to show that you have an incoming call, and it will flash slowly to let you know you have a new message. So turn off the ringer and never miss a call.

Price: $69.95

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Affordable and manageable Wi-Fi 802.11a outdoor access point

4ipnet, a leading provider of cost-effective WLAN solutions for hospitality, education, and enterprises, today announced the OWL530, the most affordable dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n outdoor access point to join its OWL-series product line.

The rugged IP68-rated metal housing of the OWL530 is weatherproof, watertight and rust-resistant, making it an ideal solution for deployments in harsh conditions. For example, the protective vent plug can not only prevent salt corrosion, but also moderate condensation and assist in heat dissipation. Furthermore, the ground wire can prevent damage caused by potential power surges.

On the performance end, the OWL530 supports up to 300Mbps data rate with its 2x2:2 MIMO solution. Combined with its 802.3af compliant PoE gigabit Ethernet interface, the OWL530 ensures smooth and uninterrupted multimedia usage such as video streaming. The two detachable N-type external antennas also provide the OWL530 a much greater degree of flexibility when faced with the varying requirements of each deployment scenario.

The OWL530’s real value is in its ability to operate in multiple modes. For price conscious users who demand broadband connectivity, the OWL530 eliminates the need for the expensive trenching of fiber cabling by operating in WDS-mode. WDS-mode enables the OWL530 to establish multiple WDS links and bridge neighboring 4ipnet APs together. With a high-power signal and long-range coverage, the OWL530 can also operate in AP-mode to effectively serve Wi-Fi clients. Lastly, the OWL530 can be configured in CPE-mode as an ideal last-mile solution for wireless ISPs (WISPs). The diversity of applications makes the OWL530 a perfect choice for any outdoor deployment.

When deployed in conjunction with 4ipnet’s WHG-series controllers, the OWL530 provides an array of value-added functions, such as client load-balancing, bandwidth control, billable hotspot authentication, and guest access. With the OWL530, 4ipnet continues to provide reliable and feature-rich, yet affordable, wireless networks to organizations and businesses of all scales and types.


4ipnet OWL530 is now available, please contact

4ipnet, Inc. is a networking device provider for manageable, reliable and secure wireless broadband access. 4ipnet’s complete wireless LAN infrastructure product portfolio addresses the needs of different network operation environments, ranging from the hotels to enterprises. For more information, please visit


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Learning Resources Pretend and Play Teaching Telephone

3 years & up. This phone is programmable so children can learn how to call home, 911 emergency service and other important telephone numbers. A great way to teach telephone skills. Includes a note holder and three AA batteries.

Price: $37.99

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Telecom and ICT investors and stakeholders

Two new telecom licenses have just been awarded in Myanmar. The new Telecom Law is now being treated in its final stage in Parliament and is expected to be passed soon. Foreign investments in both the telecom and ICT sectors are welcome, and more new market opening are expected.

Beyond the two new telco licenses awarded, more new licenses for foreign joint ventures or foreign entities are in the pipeline. Amongst the wide array of services permitted, the two new operators will be allowed to offer mobile connections, fixed line services, IT and Internet offerings. The need for upgrading internet/ICT infrastructure is urgent, and the demand for cloud computing for enterprises in all industries and in government is also urgent and huge. What are the new opportunities in the Myanmar new telecom ecosystem? What are the urgent infrastructural requirements needed to be fulfilled? What are the IT and telecom bottlenecks needed to be cleared for the fast rollout or Myanmar's stock exchange this year?

At this global Summit, Myanmar's decision makers, corporate leaders of Myanmar's telco, internet, ICT sectors are expected to congregate with senior management and decision makers from international telecom companies, service providers and equipment companies, broadcasting companies, satellite companies from Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and the Middle East.

The Summit aims to provide a high-level strategic platform for foreign telecom operators, investors, equipment providers and technology leaders to meet with key decision makers in Myanmar's public and private sectors, in addition, in providing the latest updates on key changes in Myanmar's potentially promising telecom and ICT sectors.

A whole wide range of topics and issues that are related to telecom licenses, foreign investment in Myanmar's telecom and ICT sector, new market opening, new licenses for foreign joint ventures and foreign entities, upgrading internet/ICT infrastructure, cloud computing, ISP licenses and other related infrastructural requirements will also be the highlight of this Summit.

VIPs invited to the Summit include senior officials and telecom/ICT experts from: Ministry of Communications Information Technology, Post and Telecommunication, & Myanma Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development, President's Office, Yatanarpon Teleport, Myanmar ICT Development Corporation/Yangon ICT Park, ITU, International Finance Corporation, The World Bank Group and new foreign telco and other key ICT players in Myanmar.

The Summit will be held at Inya Lake Hotel.

Magenta Global, Singapore

Media Contact:

Ms Merilynn Choo
Marketing Executive
Tel: + 65 6391 2549

About Magenta Global, Singapore-Organizer

Magenta Global is a premier independent business media company that provides pragmatic and relevant information to government business executives and professionals worldwide &. The organization provides the opportunity to share thought-provoking insights, exchange ideas on the latest industry trends and technological developments with thought leaders and business peers. With a strong focus in emerging economies especially in Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Central South America & & Magenta Global works in partnership with both the public & private sectors.

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Panasonic KX-TG6644B DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

Panasonic's KX-TG6644B DECT 6.0 Plus Expandable Digital Cordless Telephone has an answering system and 4 handsets. The DECT 6.0 Plus technology means increasing the frequency of error correction up to 80x, improving the transmission quality and range. A powerful battery back-up system keeps you connected when the power goes out so you can make and receive calls with the cordless handset. The Intelligent Eco Mode automatically lowers the power consumption when you are using the handset close to the base unit. The Range Boost technology extends transmission range by up to 20% so you can keep talking as you keep walking. Other features include Tone Equalizer to control bass, mid-range or treble tones in a caller's voice and Talking Caller ID and Call Block (with required subscriptions).

Price: $150.00

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Technology for End-to-End Wi-Fi Offload and Monetization

Today jointly announced a partnership and Alepo AUTELAN technology so that a seamless interoperability for Wi-Fi services.  The technology partnership has important implications for the growing market for wireless broadband.  Providers are now presented with a complete out-of-the-box solution for both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Offload Monetization.  For Wi-Fi providers of all sizes the partnership promises a seamless and robust solution for managing Wi-Fi networks. 3 g/4 g mobile carriers are also assured of a complete solution that can take advantage of existing infrastructure to reduce the pressure on overburdened mobile networks.  For both cases, providers assured of lower integration costs and rapid deployment.

AUTELAN access points and WLAN Controllers and Alepo the Service Enabler Wi-Fi Hotspot and Offload Monetization platform will be a Subscriber smartphone with Wi-Fi network with roaming over the wireless network if it comes within range of the access point AUTELAN seamlessly verified. To achieve this, can an EAP-SIM/AKA device registered for 3 g/4 g Offload be safely verified and that on the Wi-Fi network without going through the Subscriber transferred.  The platform Alepo Wi-Fi Offload also acts as a gateway to the mobile core network, communicate with the HLR to the identity of the Subscriber.  The result is a seamless and hands-free offload process that most 3 g/4 g mobile operators or Isps support will benefit mobile operators with internet services.  A similar scenario can be supported for devices that do not support EAP-SIM/AKA like earlier versions of the Android phones.

With this partnership and offer an innovative Portal authentication Alepo Autelan technology business model for Wi-Fi networks.  This business model provides for a network solution that ranges from free Wi-Fi access to internet services fully monetized localized ad revenue.  The joint solution offers a self-service platform, and a "apps" solution that works with the Wireless access controller Autelan and entry points for customers of the carrier.  The Autelan Wi-Fi system uses SSID and location based portals with EAP-SIM/AKA authentication for offload.

"The Wi-Fi market continues to grow and an important aspect of all providers of 4 g," said Jonathan Alepo of Garini, Vice President of the products. "Integration of Alepo of Wi-Fi Hotspot Monetization and Offload solution with AUTELAN shows our commitment to operators with complete end-to-end solutions that help them in deploying robust networks fully capitalizing on this wireless capabilities."

"Autelan of Wi-Fi system includes indoor outdoor & Access Points and Wi-Fi base stations that the most cost-effective solution in providing comprehensive wireless coverage can provide. With the core Wireless Access Controller that support for central management of millions of APs, RF-transmitter optimization and RF power control can offer the cube, Autelan technology guarantees high availability of wireless networks and the best possible user experience. And now with our partnership with Alepo, we offer an authentic end-to-end Wi-Fi offload solution and a controlled wireless LAN to carrier customers. "said Rockies Ma, Director of Autelan APAC region.

Alepo of Wi-Fi Offload platform is a complete, carrier-grade solution that consists of high-performance from Alepo EAP/AAA framework, policy controller card/SS7 gateway, and more. The solution falls within the Alepo more carrier Wi-Fi solutions portfolio, which also features innovative products and solutions for Wi-Fi hotspot monetization, intelligent access network discovery and selection (ANDSF), and more. Alepo has conducted real-world, proven network solutions for leading service providers for more than 17 years.


Established in June 2007, AUTELAN has become one of the global leaders in wireless and IP broadband carrier grade network solutions within five years. Autelan is mainly focused on delivering state-of-art telecommunications products for operators, cable carrier, enterprise networks, as well as other services within the scope of the wireless market. Autelan is currently delivering Wi-Fi products to China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and Indonesia carrier PT TELKOM for Wi-Fi Hotspot and seamless application Offload.

About Alepo

Alepo is a leading provider of it and network software infrastructure for telecommunications service providers. Alepo the carrier-grade solutions enable service providers to compete globally efficient and capabilities of next-generation services. With clients ranging from Digicel, France Telecom and Vodafone, Alepo is proud to support companies as they evolve in the market for telecommunications.

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Princess Cell Phone with two Front Covers

Princess Toy Cell Phone with 2 Changeable Face plates,Lights up when you press the buttons and also sings a song or talks when you press the numbers,You can hear it say "Can I Help You" or The ring tone of the Phone, and 2 more melodies. This will get your child's attention to now the numbers and to music also.Every child will feel good about having such a phone that's similar to mom and dad and he will for sure feel big as them.

Price: $9.95

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Alpha to ABTA Platform debut powerful preventive maintenance

Alpha technologies, global power solutions leader, announced today the debut of her XM360 preventive maintenance platform on ABTA Expo in São Paulo, Brazil. The software tool is designed to pick up power supply service data and real-time diagnostic reports save costs and improve network upgrade plans for the network outside Plant.

"XM360 is the broadband industry's first full-featured, web-enabled network maintenance Management solution and will transform the preventive maintenance landscape," said VP of strategic Platforms for Alpha technologies, Jim Heidenreich. "We will present a live, on-site demo at ABTA, showing how XM360 will enhance efficiency and resources for the operators of networks around the world."

XM360 delivers a streamlined solution to preventive maintenance management using a three-pronged approach:

1. X-Tractor software collects electronic critical network information on power supply, transponder and battery supplies.

2. Certified preventive maintenance reports to be generated and uploaded to a secure database.

3. Executive reports suite analyzes information, high-level gives reports on the status of the network outside Plant and performs a thorough risk analysis, so that operators aim network infrastructure investments for maximum return.

Using XM360, operators can remotely monitor and proactively implement aging energy systems repair staff to outdoor Plant power failures ahead. Moreover, the standard approach to maintenance technicians and independent contractors responsible for each report.

"At the moment network operators have limited visibility on the result of preventive maintenance visit, and the information documented by maintenance technicians is sometimes inaccurate, incomplete and even unreadable," Heidenreich said. "The XM360 platform greatly reduces the margin of error associated with preventive maintenance reports and MSO of the utilities to suitable replacement action for precious loss occur."

XM360 and other Alpha solutions will be on display in booth J15 on ABTA Expo, the leading Latin American stock market for pay TV and broadband sectors. The Transamérica Expo Center hosting the event from 6-8 August.

Visit for more info on Alpha power solutions.

Alpha Technologies Inc. power conversion, protection and stand-by products for telecommunications and broadband cable industries, including custom, application-specific power solutions develops. In addition to product development offers Alpha technologies with a comprehensive range of installation and maintenance services to support its global customer base. Alpha technologies is a member of the Alpha group of companies.

The Alpha group represents a global Alliance of independent companies that share a common philosophy-create world-class solutions for communication, commercial, industrial and renewable energy markets.

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Nokia LCH-12 Car Charger for Nokia Phones and Bluetooth Headsets

This compact, lightweight rapid charger reduces your phone's charging time by half. It conveniently plugs into a car's cigarette lighter to safely recharge the battery while providing power to the phone. Using smart chip technology, it monitors the battery voltage to prevent overcharging, by switching from rapid charge to trickle charge when the battery is nearly full. Built to last, this charger is a sturdy companion to on-the-go phones.

Price: $19.99

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Dotcom Computers Inc. Expand Adtran Routers

Dotcom Computers Inc., will expand the selection of Adtran routers the company offers. As a result of increasing demand for used Adtran products, the company will begin a broader range of equipment for home networks.  Two routers that Dotcom Computers will be adding are 4430 Netvanta and the Netvanta 5305.

The Adtran Netvanta 4430 (P/N: 1700630G 1) is a modular access router. Built for higher-bandwidth applications, supports the 4430, use up to 8 T1s sees fit. Suitable for VPN, the 4430 has a built-in firewall and three Ethernet LAN ports on the router connecting switches. The 1700630G 1, the IPsec data over a network is secure. Those interested in more information about the router 4430 to go ...

The router Netvanta Adtran 5305 (P/N: 1200990L 1) is also a modular access router produced by Adtran. The 5305 is a much bigger chassis than the 4430, more cards than the 4430 Assembly. The 5305 comes in two configurations of Dotcom Computers depending on the needs. The 4200990L 1 is a 5305 chassis, system control unit, and an octal T1 card designed to process 8 simultaneous connections. More info on the octal T1 5305 can be found at

The other Netvanta 5305 offered is a router T3 equipped. Support up to two T3 modules are individual T3 modules available through the retailer if you contact them. In addition to T3 modules are high speed Serial Interface (HSSI) modules available for real modular possibilities by the router.

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PhoneSmart Teaching Telephone

Dial up a world of imaginative play possibilities! Great for teaching kids to call home and much more. Goes mobile with cordless handset that can be used with or without speakerphone base. Allows easy programming and recording of up to 3 personalized messages, or listen to 10 pre-recorded messages from friends around town.

Price: $42.99

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Dotcom Computers to Offer Discounted Refurbished Shoretel Phones

Beginning July 16, Dotcom Computers Inc. will offer select Shoretel IP phones at a discounted rate. These special sale prices run through the month of July and all offer free shipping on select Shoretel phones. To qualify for free shipping on the website, customers must be shipping the items to the contiguous United States.

The Shoretel IP 8000 Conference Phone will be offered for just $799. This is a savings of $200, down from $999. The IP 8000 is a full duplex speakerphone based conference phone. Designed to be used in a group meeting situation, the IP 8000 brings crystal clear audio to a group meeting. More information on the IP 8000 is available at

Dotcom Computers will also be offering special pricing on the Shoretel IP 655 12-Line VoIP Phone. The Shoretel IP655 features a back-lit massive color display that sets it apart from the competition and offers an attractive appearance.  The 640 x 480 LCD screen is also a capacitive touch screen with vibration feedback. The IP 655 is offered brand new at

Shoretel voice switches are also available on the website. Switches such as the SG-50V and SG-90V add voicemail capabilities to your Shoretel system. The Shoretel SG-T1 expands your UC capabilities on the network. All voice switches come with a warranty when sold by Dotcom Computers. The SG-50V can be found at

About Dotcom Computers Inc.:          

An industry leader in telecommunication equipment sales: Dotcom Computers Inc. has been in business supplying networking gear, telephones, and PBX systems for over sixteen years. The company tests and warranties every product they sell. In addition to selling telecom gear, they also purchase new and used systems at competitive rates.

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Leang Ipega Bluetooth Controller Android Wireless Game Controller

This product is a new design wireless Bluetooth controller and support different android/ ios/ PC and etc games.

1.It can be used when connected with the Bluetooth mobile phone and without any drivers.
2.Built-in lithium battery, after charging can be sustainable long-term use, safe and stable.
3.The phone can be placed on the telescopic holder, convenient for playing games.
4.Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission can be 6-8 meters wide range of control from the operation.
5.User-friendly software designed to enter the power saving mode with no connection state.
6.Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad as well as the vast majority of android tablet PCs.

Game Support Description:
Note: The compatibility problem exist on the part of the game of Android 4.0 system. It is recommended to use the stable version of the system
Support of the vast majority of the simulator as well as racing and tower defense type of game under the android system.(ie FC simulator, GBA simulator, arcade emulator, SFC simulator, N64 emulator, Shadowgun, Sonic CD, Cordy, soulcraft, Zenonia4, 9 Innings 2013, the Riptide GP, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, the Airbag Frank 3D Plantsvs. Zombies, Gunsn Glory etc.) Support of the vast majority of the game with a virtual keyboard under Ios system . ( i.e. Gunman Clive, Helium Boy, League of Evil League of Evil 2, Muffin Knight Free Stardash, Temple the Run, etc.)

Color: White
Model: PG-9017
Material: Plastic
Bluetooth Version: 3.0
Input: DC 5V 500mA
Working Voltage: 3.7V
Working Current: 20mA
Package Dimensions: 205*140*35mm
Weight: 202g

Package Included:
1 x iPega Bluetooth Controller Android Wireless Game Controller
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual.

Price: $ 35

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Star connection opens up new revenue for Telcoms

Sale star connect, business management software supplier for the telecommunications and cellular industry has unveiled an e-commerce solution to manage all internet sales. The company, the UK and Ireland the No. 1 software for the dealer network, a way for telco companies to expand their earnings with horizontal growth. Management of the entire process, from customers making a profile, to making a order and shipping, the e-commerce software ensures that all transactions expired while maximizing ROI.

"The E-commerce solution is created to handle a huge amount of complexity that allows companies in the telecommunications industry on a day-day basis. Not only do they need a Web store, but they must be one that can also record, store and retrieve telecom-specific information, such as network activations and commissions at the touch of a button. sale star connection offers that and much more to create a great customer experience, "says Chief Officer Dane Ossman solution."Customers want to be able to do their own research and independent to buy in their own time-the e-commerce software will let this happen. "

The flexible webshop can create customer profiles and orders, with all CRM information in the BackOffice instantly updated. Any offers or deals in the store can be imported from the back office time spent on duplication or on the establishment of inaccuracies. If this is updated if changes are made, the customer will always have access to the latest offers.

Integration with third parties, sale star connection makes certain that all external services are part of the system also save time. For example all telecom-specific-numbers, such as the IMEI, and online credit checks may be carried out with no delays.

The e-commerce solution also manages purchasing and stock control. With the ability to track inventory, and see what sells real time, managers can plan and make sure they are optimizing sales. Sales order process workflows ensure that operations are streamlined, and that nothing gets missed from the list. Commissions are also calculated on this point a real-time display concerned about an individual or the entire centers success.

sale star closes also has built-in Analytics and reports, Finance and CRM for managing all back-office functions properly and to customers through marketing channels.

sale star connected you solutions through the last two decades to the network operators, service providers, distributors, Dealers, agents, Master Dealer Franchises, Resellers and retailers. E-commerce is just one of many dealer channels to revenue is generated and the customer is always room to grow. Clients can also make use of the specialized retail EPOS, distribution, call center or Corporate B2B solutions.

Davis continues, "the key with sale star connect is that it is built for the industry, so all telecom-specific features needed such as management by the Commission are integrated in a system with a Back Office in contrast to generic software where bits must be added on and patched together."

Editorial notes
sale star connection
is the UK's leading software solution for the Telecom and mobile industry, delivering the best-of-breed business management solutions with telecom specific features such as Wizards, Commission Tracking, IMEI activation Management, time air distribution and book the prize to network carriers, service providers, distributors, Dealer Management, Dealer Master agents, retailers and Dealers for 10 + years.

Media Contact (Contact Info)

Carlene Ahangama

Marketing Copywriter

+ 44 (0) 208 123 8720

Company Details

Dane Ossman

Director solutions

+ 44 (0) 20 8875 0111

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